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A 3 and an 8 Year Old Bring Down an Airliner With Fear?

Honest, I’m not making this up! Two kids, ages 3 and 8, refused to fasten their seat belts on an Alaska Airlines flight to Vancouver with their family, so the captain made an ’emergency’ landing at Portland. Not kidding! Emergency Landing … Continue reading

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Corny Copter Takes Tacos To Town…

With Iraq and Afghanistan closing, we’ve been told the drones are coming home with the troops and Congress has ordered the FAA to be ready. Some yankee go-getters seem to be thinking ahead: Tacocopter Would Deliver Tacos Via Unmanned Drone tells … Continue reading

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EPA Sneaking Power Cost Increase Behind Obama’s Back…(He Needs To Know!)

The helpful Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) is again doing behind the President’s back what he’s explicitly assuring us he doesn’t want done. His EPA is setting up new rules on U.S. power generating plants that will guarantee higher power costs. … Continue reading

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Obama Has Taken Dictatorial Power (Clinton Democrat Dick Morris)

Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers is the view of Clinton Democrat advisor Dick Morris, not a rabid, right-wing-nut drooling onto his bayonet as he shrieks about the Prez. I’ll admit mentioning these laws before Morris brought them up, but I’ve never advised the White House … Continue reading

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No Trial; Hang the Bastard!

What would follow a Wanted: Dead or Alive poster listing a black man handed out by a White Supremacist bunch? Just imagine. But that’s exactly what has happened–with the colors reversed– in the current journalistic frenzy surrounding the Florida case … Continue reading

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It Just Seems Curious…

I have no idea whether Barack Obama is a Constitutionally qualified President but the scene makes me very, very curious. He’s self-declared big on transparency but has paid millions to lawyers to prevent anyone getting the goods. As soon as anyone … Continue reading

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Christians, Moslems, Atheists and Modernity…

As the governments fall to financial failure, what societies might hold together under the strain? In the post-Christian West, only Christianity has glued societies in the past–and riven them as well–but what power has it now, a faint shadow of … Continue reading

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Water’s Bottle Battle Enters New Phase…

Europeans were long known for drinking bottled water “because tap water wasn’t safe,” letting Americans feel smug because we had all happily guzzled ours from the taps for decades without a thought–and without health problems. Then somebody thought to make bottled … Continue reading

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U.S. Military Needs ‘International Permission?’

The Presidents’ concern for the Constitution is getting some attention from non-major media sources; it’s not newsworth enough for the MSM big boys, apparently. Defense Sectretary Panetta recently clarified any doubts in public: Panetta: ‘International Permision’ Trumps Congress’ Permission for … Continue reading

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Reversed Racism Is the Cure for Racism? (Or Is It Just Revenge?)

Would you kindly explaing why something I do to you is intolerable while your doing the same thing to me is laudable? Or more specificly, why if I do it to you, it’s racism whereas if you do it to … Continue reading

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