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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Tidbits, trifles and troubles off the newstray: An Obamacare update: One third of the uninsured won’t sign up … if so, the program cannot be financed. Premiums  are expected to skyrocket (after the election). The Feds just spent another $20 M … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby: “Ridiculous” To The Left; “Crucial” To The Right

It is not Obamacare that the Supreme Court is disposing in the Hobby Lobby case. The Left wants the case perceived as an attack on the Affordable Care Act from the Right. The take is represented by Jon Stewart if … Continue reading

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Who’s In Charge (Wehn All Have Submarines, Cruise Missiles And Nukes)?

The fuss about Iran joining the nuclear powers goes on but few seem to care. President Obama does not seem to care; he’s presiding over a pro-forma dialogue with that country while it continues its lengthy pursuit of nukes. Even … Continue reading

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Are Today’s Police The Citizens’ Protectors?’

You’re a citizen; are the cops still on your side? The L.A. police cars when I was a kid, said on their doors: “To serve and to protect” and we believed it. Decades later in Albuquerque, a local front page … Continue reading

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Caesar And Napoleon To Putin And Obama: Only Murphy Is Left Standing …

President Obama is receiving much mud, slung by frothing Conservatives, over Ukraine. A recent column by normally judicious Victor Davis Hanson  describes the Presidents’ difficulty. Foaming Conservatives are accusing the Prez of everything from cowardice to weakness over Ukraine. Columnist Hanson … Continue reading

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Aborted Babies Burned For Heat In U.K. Hospitals

We note with sympathy the cruelty of our recent but hanging around winter, leaving us a bit hornswoggled at the enormity of righteous indignation demonstrated in a news article today. The story was a simple one, reporting the thrifty burning … Continue reading

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Gleanngs From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

A week’s worth of truths, trumpery and trash; you decide. Televised sports events have become too expensive for even major advertisers. Unlike government and its police, businesses cannot compel payment of a demanded price. We think that those interested in … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Comedy Of The News …

This week, a local news reporter just back from the White House told us that President Obama’s “press conferences” were scripted, with questions submitted in advance and sometimes, answered in advance. The reporter thought people would be surprised. The White … Continue reading

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What Made The U.S. Unlike The Rest Of The Americas? (And Can It Last?)

Why is the United States astride the world, the modern Rome, when it is but a portion of the European-settled Americas? What has differentiated this portion of North America, between Mexico and Canada? It is rich and powerful while the … Continue reading

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Did YOUR Mom Prepare You For The Congressional Budget Director?

It’s “Good Night, Ladies” and the party’s over for any with more than half a brain cell; the laggards received notice from the Congressional Budget Office. per its Director. He said, in public, that we face “unpleasant” decisions affecting Social … Continue reading

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