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Islamic State: Made and Financed by Arabs (Let the Arabs Deal With It!)

Obliterate ISIS! That’s pumping from media and politicians foaming to use the emotion generated by rapes and beheadings for their own purposes. It’s a replay of the “lynch the white cop!” Ferguson scenario. Get the public stirred up via media … Continue reading

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Choices We Ignore That Our Leaders Cannot (And We Pay Their Prices)

Europe is quietly (so far as U.S. news reports are concerned) declining to improve economically. It remains Stuck   in its Greatest Depression and can no more find its way out than can the U.S. But there is one very significant difference … Continue reading

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The Dead Are The New Weapons Of War …

Gaza is splitting the Israeli coalition government, per reports. Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to have accepted the Egyptian brokered cease fire with Hamas over the objections of his cabinet and without consulting them first. This spotlights a growing problem that … Continue reading

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The Heirs Of America Are Lining Up For Their Shares … (But It’s All Been Spent!)

Russian strategic bombers are reportedly testing American air defenses, invading U.S. airspace at least 16 times in the last 10 days. This sort of thing mostly disappeared with the Soviet Union but now Russia and China too, are resorting to … Continue reading

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Some Idle Questions While Standing In The Shower (Waiting For Soap To Rinse Off)

Some questions came to mind while standing in the shower, waiting for the soap to rinse off  — prime thinking time. Maybe you know the answers, or some of them. One question involves the southern border of the United States. … Continue reading

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As America Sinks Slowly In The West, A New Sun Rises In The East …

The Obamafolk, as they declared victory and withdrawal from the Middle East, announced a “Pivot to Asia. The Middle East however, has as we know declined its cue to fade from the headlines. But the Chinese expansionism that required the … Continue reading

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Iraq Over High Heat, Approaches A Rolling Boil …

Iraq has never been a country on its own and has only acted as one since WWI when it was patched together by the British to deprive Turkey of oil fields. Saddam Hussein and his minority Sunni Moslems fell; the … Continue reading

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Hanging The President (For Things That Aren’t His Fault)

Every so often, the U.S. arms industry confronts a decline in government arms spending and it never does so gladly. That is now again the case, in the face of both unsustainable deficits and American political discontent with the results … Continue reading

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Iraq, With A Little More Perspective …

  Iraqis full of things that the ‘news’ media have not bothered to report in their descriptions of its developing chaos. For one thing, it’s not so chaotic as it sounds; the fighting and jihadist atrocities are mostly in the … Continue reading

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Why Does The Media Want A Howling Mob Over An American In A Mexican Jail On Gun Charges?

Why did the Mexicans arrest an American marine on gun charges is a reasonable question; why we are encouraged to become excited about it is a better one. U.S. Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi is in jail in Mexico. He was arrested, … Continue reading

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