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The Jesuit Pope In Franciscan Clothing Blows It Again!

His Holiness has unfortunately done it again, throwing the Roman Catholic Church behind socialism as a cure for human ills real and imagined. We know not how much this is the intention of the Pope and how much may be opportunism … Continue reading

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Israel: The uncertain Life And Prospective Death Of A Target

You have Israel, the U.S, Fatah and Hamas: Four cats that the U.S. wants to herd. Fatah runs the West Bank, Hamas runs Gaza and Israel nervously overlooks both. Nervously because they habitually lob missiles at Israeli cities and their … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Another week’s worth, bite sized for your selection: Migraine sufferers may have a light at the end of their long, dark and painful tunnel; researchers are making progress (Follow the linkl) Some 40,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and … Continue reading

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Some Things We’re Wondering …

We’re wondering for one thing, if our President is off to the vastness of Asia so as to be sort of out-of-the-way while Ukraine boils over? He has we think, rather uncharacteristically been dispatching Joe Biden and John Kerry on … Continue reading

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Cops Don’t Need No Damn Due Process’ Anymore (Supreme Court)

The important story in today’s newspaper was: “High Courst OK’s Ban On Race As Admissions Factor.” In a box to one side of the page, together with other secondary stories, was: “”High Court: Anonymous Tip OK.  This advertised the editors’s … Continue reading

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Fun-Filled Fact Fades Fast (When It’s About Global Warming)

The Fun Fact of at least, this week and maybe even this month: A study has  shown that adding all that corn-based alcohol to make gasoline more ‘green’ is contributing more toward global warming than plain gasoline contributes. Oops? This … Continue reading

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Obamacare, The Economy And The Empress’s Lover

Russia’s Catherine the Great  once set out down the Dnieper river  to inspect all the development accomplished by her favorite and sometime lover Grigory Potemkin when he governed the Crimea. Per the story, Potemkin, having been lying about it to … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Another bit of the life of our world has passed by us; the fallout is assembled below for your use or abuse or even, amuse, as you prefer. House Speaker Boehner evidently plans to meet his pledge to provide illegal … Continue reading

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Presidents G. Washington And B. Obama, A Missing Cherry Tree And America’s Wealth

Until we arrived at a university, the name of our first U.S. president coming up in a conversation almost universally served as the paradigm of personal honesty. We were nearly all brought up with the legend of George Washington chopping … Continue reading

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Obama “Weakness” On Syria And Ukraine Is A Bad Rap …

We’re not Obama fans and to be honest, out of fashion as that may be, we aren’t Bush fans, either. But we noted that much of the anti-Bush spiel was hokum and it seems to us, so is much of … Continue reading

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