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Income Inequality: (Look At What I’m Promising; Don’t Look At Obamacare!)

Our President is concerned about income inequality. What is that, exactly? Are we to assume that everybody is somehow, entitled to identical incomes? The Communists did not preach that, they wanted: “From each, according to his ability; to each, according … Continue reading

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Poverty…And Political Poverty

We were told a couple of thousand years ago that: “The poor, you will always have with you”\…”  and sure enough… But now we need to parse the term: “poor” before we get too excited over it. Consider: We were … Continue reading

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Boys And Girls: “Vive Le Difference!”

Recent thoughts of the precarious social position of the white American male elicited wider explorations of American males and females in general, the reality as opposed to the politically ‘correct’ conceptions. The reality is what we must live with, after … Continue reading

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A Bit Of History, In Living Color…

This is what happened: We raised our kids in the foothills of Los Angeles. It was a nice neighborhood of sizable, fairly new homes inhabited by Asian, black, Hispanic and white families with similar comfortable living standards. The neighborhood schools … Continue reading

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The New Meaning of: “Responsibility”

A French court has just sentenced a psychiatrist to a year in jail and 8,500 Euros damages for manslaughter because his patient of four years hacked an old man to death. The patient, while his doctor was being locked up, went … Continue reading

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Democrats, Republicans, a Dead Economist and a Dead President

As our economic failure proceeds, with Barack Obama having accelerated the spending initiated to save us by George Bush, both parties are reflexively channeling Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt during their Great Depression. It isn’t working. The most interesting fact … Continue reading

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If You Succeed in the U.S, You Must Be a Racist, Right?

Certainly you know which races receive the most government help from your money. Quick: Do you know which race receives the least? In our non-racist (by law) society… that has elected a (1/4) black President. If that doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Another Failure, from Another Hollow God…

President Obama ran on ‘hope and change’ in his last election; he’s running on ‘I have to be better than those awful Republicans even if you don’t like the change and are losing hope’ now. The government no longer publishes … Continue reading

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If You’re SURE You Want To Know What’s Next…

Nobody seems willing to tell what’s coming with an election close so here’s the currently unmentionable reality, summed up for you: 1. In January, Congress will hasten toward the real world, tackling America’s impossible financial position by starting to reduce … Continue reading

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Adding It Up for Yourself or, 1+1=1.67

Everybody knows the U.S. government owes more than it can repay and is still spending $1.3 T a year more than its income; it’s just that nobody believes it. Our leaders know what they’re doing and they all promise to … Continue reading

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