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Senator Rand Paul Tries Talking Death to Death…

While Senator Rand (the younger) Paul continues his anti-assassination drone Jeremiad in his Senate filibuster seems a proper time for a drone update. The Senator’s on about the Obamafolk’s claim that they can legally kill anyone (including U.S. citizens) at … Continue reading

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U.S. War Chief Panetta Wants To Shoot U.S. Soldiers?

Shooting one soldier to encourage the rest used to be called the ‘British Army Method’ though it was old when the Romans used it. Apparently Obama’s Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is considering an updated version for U.S. use: Leon Panetta … Continue reading

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Death’s Friendly, Convenient Home Service

Well, you will now get home delivery of permanent peace added to your parcels and pizza, at least if you’re Dutch. Dutch Mobile Euthanasia Unit to Make House Calls explains. We recently reported Australian medical ethics pros who just announced that post-birth abortion … Continue reading

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