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She’s 16, He’s 41; The Cops Arrested Him For Statutory Rape: But They’re Married!

We wonder sometimes, why more people don’t seem to wonder. To wonder why the government is involved in some things. For instance, a middle-aged suspect (41) has been arrested for sex with a 16 year old. And yes, the old … Continue reading

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Who Was That Masked Web Browser? (Or, How To Use The Web Anonymously)

If you’re conscious, you know by now that the government’s NSA and any number of commercial snoops watches you make your way around the World Wide Web. Some of those may be watching you in the shower (Remember to smile … Continue reading

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Why Does The Media Want A Howling Mob Over An American In A Mexican Jail On Gun Charges?

Why did the Mexicans arrest an American marine on gun charges is a reasonable question; why we are encouraged to become excited about it is a better one. U.S. Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi is in jail in Mexico. He was arrested, … Continue reading

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The Left Ordered, The Lunch Wasn’t Free … And The check Is Coming

Americans believed that life was not fair, that nothing was free and as the ancient scripture puts it: “In the sweat of thy face, shall thou eat bread.” And while receiving little credit for it, Americans believed: “Thou shall treat … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Another week passed; we leave you the Major Media for the Santa Barbara mass murder nutcase except to note: We’ve long had guns and nutcases; regular mass murders by same are a new wrinkle … We wonder whether the wonderful … Continue reading

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The Left Should Leave Off Lynching By Lexicon …

Tonight’s Question: Should you lose your job or your property when the internet and the media disapprove of you? Or put another way, is offending the sensibilities of a significant portion of the public, justification for economic lynching? Some recent … Continue reading

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How ‘Government Service’ Becomes An Oxymoron … (Uber And Lyft, Drowning)

We are confused sometimes by government directives. We have become used to freeways with special privilege carpool lanes for instance, promoting using less gas. We got that, sitting there in our bumper-to-bumper crawl lanes watching two or three cars whiz … Continue reading

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Drones With Facial Recognition Software … (The Next Great Internet Opportunity!)

Optimists by definition, find their surprises unpleasant. We prefer our surprises pleasant, so we must be pessimists. Regardless, it’s our habit to look ahead in an attempt to avert unpleasant surprises, and from that, some recent news stories caught out … Continue reading

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Equalizing Dance Inequality With The Stars

TV’s “Dancing With The Stars” pretends to be a ballroom dance competition between various non-dance personalities with professional ballroom dance partners supplied by the show. Ratings have been in decline; it is assumed that the current season will be the … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “Income Inequality;” Should Government Decide Incomes?

Envy is a useful human weakness for politicians; they can point to someone with something you want, agree that you deserve it too and promise to take it from the undeserving owner and give it to you in return for … Continue reading

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