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Will The GOP Pass Obamtrade To Find Out What’s In It?

Folk spoke early last century in rural agricultural terms, advising for instance, against buying “a pig in a poke.” Swine needed to be well examined before a purchase if one wish to avoid unpleasant surprises. Anyone selling stock who would … Continue reading

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President Barackack Obama: A Victim Of History?

In a way, one might feel sympathy for President Obama. He seems set up as History’s schlemiel, a rather dirty trick to have played upon the first (1/4th) black U.S. President. Appropriate enough though, from some other angles. His legal … Continue reading

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Israel Can Handle Enemies; Who Will Save It From Its ‘Friends?’

WWII Axis powers being big time anti Semites, the somewhat less anti-Semitic (and less public about it) victorious Allies magnanimously offered Europe’s remaining Jews their ancient homeland, recently liberated from the Turks. Neither Jews nor Moslems already in residence were … Continue reading

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President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu … and Doctor Strangelove

Add and stir over rising heat:   Iran, Nuclear weapons and Israel. Use a long spoon for the stirring and be ready to jump back quickly. President Obama has picked up the legendary Tar Baby, the wood doll coated with tar that, … Continue reading

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An Era Of Hollow Candidates For Our New, Virtual Political Reality

We’ve considered the President’s leadership, his sea change in earlier presidential style and we will finish with some thoughts on today’s candidate selection. We see a President who lives above it all in high style while his – dare we … Continue reading

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Would You Buy A Used Car From Barack Obama?

In a recent consideration of President Obama’s leadership, we noted his unique presidential style and more specifically, how he has changed the public face of the American Presidency. He has made what seem to us, drastic and dramatic alterations in … Continue reading

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Covering Fire (The President Screwed Up, So You’re Fired!)

We read that the Secret Service Chief resigned (was fired) today because a loose nut jumped the fence and entered the White House illegally. Huh … Our Chief Executive has presided over tens of thousands of loose aliens jumping the … Continue reading

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