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Civics Reality Show

How the Senate does its work. (It’s even worse than you thought.)  Follow the link and decide: Is this how you wish to be governed?

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene: (Politically Uncorrected)

First, you can relax; the State Department recently informed us that there are NO known, active al-Qaeda or Hezbollah terror cells in the West at this time. This has no connection with the State Department’s universal nickname of: ‘Foggy Bottom.” It is … Continue reading

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Anybody Know What ‘Republican’ Means, These Days?

The only folk seeming to know that answer are Democrats. It’s clear to them and they make it clear to their spear carriers that Republicans are the out-of-date, selfish and greedy scalawags who stand in the way of progress and … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Neatly Nails Gay Marriage…

Rand Paul’s Gay Marriage Answer won’t get much press; it’s too much truth to be allowed out there with all the propaganda. Let’s examine what this brouhaha is really about… If you’re a Democrat politician, it’s about pleasing a group of … Continue reading

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Is The Morally Relative, Welfare World Ready For Pope Francis?

The new Pope is the first Jesuit in the papacy since that Catholic order of papal shock troops was founded in 1540. Those who follow matters Roman Catholic can recognize a message when one is published in front of them. … Continue reading

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Who’s REALLY Doing All That Spending?

Our Prez, the Eternal Campaigner, gets flak for saying whatever is handy and for trashing Republicans for everything from bad weather to a bad jobs market, right? And said Republicans duly complain about his duplicity and about his spending, right? … Continue reading

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Once, There Were ‘Red-Blooded Americans’…

80% of New York City High School Grads Can’t Read was the lead; the story actually stated that they couldn’t read well enough to be college students, which is slightly different. Considering that these are people coming fresh from 12 years … Continue reading

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The Republicans Are Dead! Long Live The (New) Republicans!

Republicans arose from former Whigs plus Free Soil Democrats in 1854 when the leaders of the older parties no longer represented their voters. Obviously (they didn’t vote for Romney) Tea Party Republicans feel that way now. When the Democrats moved … Continue reading

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