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Now the NSA Has Bugged Your Computer! (Probably Your Grandmother’s Tooo)

Were you told that the government had forced the telephone company to install a secret bug in every telephone, a bug that allowed the government to listen to anyone’s calls, where would you expect that? Nazi Germany? Soviet Russia? Communist … Continue reading

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Google, The European Union … and A Funeral for Unlimited Search?

Google recently lost an appeal to the European Union’s highest court and we’re all very much involved. The complaint against the search giant came from a plaintiff who did not wish to be found in a search. Google, in the … Continue reading

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Who Was That Masked Web Browser? (Or, How To Use The Web Anonymously)

If you’re conscious, you know by now that the government’s NSA and any number of commercial snoops watches you make your way around the World Wide Web. Some of those may be watching you in the shower (Remember to smile … Continue reading

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