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ISIS Shakes The World! (Russia, China And The Oily Arabs, Not So Much … Yet)

News we receive seems fixed upon ISIS to the exclusion of much else, now that Ebola has evidently been fought to a standstill. We hear little of Russia’s de facto invasion of Ukrarine and essentially nothing of China’s current invasion … Continue reading

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The Middle East Is A Hole … (Why Not Stop Digging?)

Things are never simple in the Middle East. For example, consider the current struggle for a Kurdisn Syrian town on the Turkish border, presently attacked by ISIL and defended by a smaller and more lightly armed group of Syrian Kurds, … Continue reading

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Israel Pays The Price For Having Been Chosen …

Jews were kicked around by (in no particular order) Egyptians, Assyrians, Hittites, Persians, Greeks and finally, by Romans who expelled them from their homeland. After that, they have been expelled from some 109 different places. (And counting.) After six million … Continue reading

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Iraq Over High Heat, Approaches A Rolling Boil …

Iraq has never been a country on its own and has only acted as one since WWI when it was patched together by the British to deprive Turkey of oil fields. Saddam Hussein and his minority Sunni Moslems fell; the … Continue reading

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