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Have U.S. Stock Prices Repealed The Law Of Gravity?

We have read in the last few days, that the world’s billionaires are buying up a lot of gold bars and now, that they are hoarding cash. We add to that: “He wo has eyes to see, let him see.” In … Continue reading

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What Made The U.S. Unlike The Rest Of The Americas? (And Can It Last?)

Why is the United States astride the world, the modern Rome, when it is but a portion of the European-settled Americas? What has differentiated this portion of North America, between Mexico and Canada? It is rich and powerful while the … Continue reading

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The Ignoble And Undignified History Of The American Labor Movement

In America, the Industrial Revolution and then the Civil War dumped manpower into cities and provided Progressive politicians a needy following that they have exploited ever since. With a labor surplus available, early industry paid as little as it could … Continue reading

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Who Pays A Prostitute In Advance?

Figure skating rules until rather recently, denied judging and sport management to any who made their living from the sport. I t was called a ‘conflict of interests’. That is, a coach judging skaters might see reason to favor either … Continue reading

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The Wal-Mart Wall Between Left And Right

A wall divides our Left from our Right, symbolized perfectly by Wal-Mart. The world’s most successful retailer pleases the Right by supplying multitudes of the poor with low-cost products they otherwise would find unavailable, while hiring multitudes of not very … Continue reading

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Channeling King Cnut…

His Majesty, Cnut the Great, King of England and Denmark and of the Norwegians and some of the Swedes is best known now for ordering the tides to roll back. His heirs in that sort of thing seem to include … Continue reading

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Government, Health Care and (Gasp!) Competition…

Have you noticed that when the government becomes interested in something for you and works to be sure that you get it, whatever that is tends to become unaffordable? When only the brightest students went on to college, a lot … Continue reading

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The Digital Revolution of American Education…(Blow, Baby, Blow!)

The digital revolution of American education will reduce the combination of Hurricane Sandy and the recent Oklahoma tornadoes to a light breeze by comparison. Since the 1930’s when Progressive Education and the teachers’ unions first infesed American public education, it … Continue reading

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If the West Had Been Won Under President Obama…

Let’s suppose for a moment, that our present government was in charge in the days when America was being built. The colonies became states, you remember. They linked up via commerce as well as politics and the North industrialized. Our … Continue reading

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Pravda Calls Obama a Communist! (We Call It the ‘Human Comedy’ for a Reason…)

The world, or at least the human-run part, adds up to a funny place. The official home of Communism, the U.S.S.R, struggled with the United States and western Europe over more than half a century to impose its views and … Continue reading

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