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Corporations Once Answered To Shareholders (And CEO’s Weren’t Billionaires)

Our American leaders are unhappy with the growing inequality of wealth distribution in our country; not bothering to mention that they have brought it about. Their modesty precludes their taking credit for their works, right? The chart above clarifies the … Continue reading

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Tempting, Home-Delivered Meals For Working Families That Can’t Afford Restaurants

Our brother in law is a noted designer of kitchens. Not yours or mine, but kitchens that house chefs in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Recently holding forth on this, he educated us more than he knew. Government is now our … Continue reading

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The Obama Internet: “A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing …”

We note that America’s Fox News is widely supposed a bastion of the antedeluvian Right, is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a man who not only also owns Lefty outlets but was recently seen hobnobbing with Valerie Jarrett, top assist to … Continue reading

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