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Why The Left Loves Government… A Comedy In One Act

Government compassion is a big selling point for the Leftfolk. The Right, not so much. The snake-oil salesmen pushing this pitch of course, want something. Who are you going to believe, your favorite politician or your lying eyes? An 81-year-old … Continue reading

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  Reports tell us that over half of Federal prisoners are drug cases and some $1 trillion has been spent on the ‘War on Drugs.’ The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has offices all over the world. That adds to … Continue reading

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Personal Safety In Higher Education…

Gonzaga is a Catholic college in the State of Washington, which appears also to be a State of Mind. Two senior students, it seems, discovered an intruder attempting entry into their quarters. The intruder, it was discovered later, had a … Continue reading

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If Travon Had Been White…

A black neighborhood watch representative shot and killed and unarmed, 17 year old white boy who, the watchman claimed, was breaking into cars. He said he shot the kid in self-defense and was adjudged not guilty. It happened in 2009… … Continue reading

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Galileo Had It Easy, Compared To Brain Researchers…

 Brain scans are in the news again; those MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) images that show the electrical activity going on in our brains. One of these days, we’re going to have to pay attention to what is going on in politicians’ … Continue reading

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What are we to think of the Zimmerman-Martin case? Media attention is approaching Super Bowl levels; the President has publicly spoken and the trial is covered better than events in Egypt. We read that there were 20 homicides in Chicago … Continue reading

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Is Abortionist Dr. Gosnell A Criminal, Evil Or Just A Sloppy Operator?

A  courtroom horror story is currently fattening the ratings of the battening media in Philadelphia as anyone able to see and hear Fox News is aware. But those battening are a curiously restricted list. Conservative, pro-life news sources are hip-deep … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly Says: “NO” to Legalizing Marijuana; What Do You Say?

Legalizing marijuana clearly upsets conservative populist Bill O’Reilly; he says that it sends kids the wrong message. He said it again tonight while his guests, one from each end of the political spectrum, agreed (as did O’Reilly) that the recent … Continue reading

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New Year, New Laws and Legal Birdlime

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, right? I have sometimes to wonder, when a judge somewhere repeats that, how she keeps a straight face. And prosecutors undoubtedly see it as job security, first class…sort of like the birdlime hunters … Continue reading

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Our Evolving Police…

Time was, a cop couldn’t search you without a warrant or probable cause. The pesky Constitution, you know. They couldn’t take your property either, without first obtaining a court order; the Constitution calls it “due process of law.” Most Americans … Continue reading

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