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The Obama Internet: “A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing …”

We note that America’s Fox News is widely supposed a bastion of the antedeluvian Right, is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a man who not only also owns Lefty outlets but was recently seen hobnobbing with Valerie Jarrett, top assist to … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby, Lovable Serial Rapist Of 30 Years Ago?

Everyone’s uncle Bill Cosby, paterfamilias extraordinaire a rapist? Certainly not! And the accusation is 30 years old and without any supporting evidence, at least to date. But then another materialized from that long darkness, and another and more. Now, we … Continue reading

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NEWS: Everything That We Want You To Know (Or Believe)

Reversing our usual wont, tonight we comment upon what is not news rather than upon what the newsfolk are belaboring. We thought that a change would be restful. Opening this package comes naturally with both Ebola and ISIS, two stories … Continue reading

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