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The Political Inconvenience of Lone Wolf Terrorists …

One man’s Islamic terrorist is another man’s case of workplace violence these days or someone else’s unhinged nutjob. Unfortunately, such ambivalence dilutes our attempts to protect ourselves. Presently, we have organized and funded massive government resources against Islamic violence while … Continue reading

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Islamic Jihad In Unexpected Places … (The Internet Isn’t Free)

The young American/Kuwaiti who shot 4 marines dead recently is occupying a lot of TV and news space. It helps distract from Iran nuclear deals and the dying E.U. financial system, we suppose. Those are important to the world and … Continue reading

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Francis, The First Black Pope (An Act Of Desperation?)

The impact of modernity upon Islam has accelerated its historically murderous fundamentalism into paroxysms of world wide terrorism; its effect upon Roman Catholics is the election of a Jesuit Pope. Bot seem acts of equal desperation. We recall a visit … Continue reading

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Does The Middle East Model The World?

It requires a strong grasp of reality to deal with the Middle East. The classic story is of the frog and the scorpion on the bank of the Nile. The scorpion asked the frog to convey him to the other … Continue reading

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Yemen: Arab Invaders, Local Rebels, Iranian Meddlers and Qat.

Ancients today may remember the lyric: “Bloody Mary’s chewing betel nut” from the musical “South Pacific.” Pacific Islanders chewed it for the low grade high it provided, ignoring, as it is addictive, the accompanying red smile it produced. In Yemen, … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Muslim Perverts …

Barack Hussein Obama, President of the East and West Coastal States of America plus Chicago, just said that his country is at war with “those who pervert Islam.” As the overwhelming majority of reasonably peaceful Moslems just trying to survive … Continue reading

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Fox News Volunteers The Prez To Solve More Of Other Folks’ Problems …

Sometimes the media remind us of a football coach who’s glad to give your life for his team. We listened to a few minutes of Fox News this evening. For perhaps 20 minutes (counting commercials)  we were fed repeated, awful descriptions … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Invisibility Of 300 Schoolgirls

Over three weeks ago, more than 300 students were kidnapped in Nigeria by Moslem terrorists, taken from a government boarding school for girls. Over 50 escaped and told their stories but some 276 remain captives of the Boko Haram Islamists, … Continue reading

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Israel: The uncertain Life And Prospective Death Of A Target

You have Israel, the U.S, Fatah and Hamas: Four cats that the U.S. wants to herd. Fatah runs the West Bank, Hamas runs Gaza and Israel nervously overlooks both. Nervously because they habitually lob missiles at Israeli cities and their … Continue reading

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Islam, Christianity and Politics Today (And a Mysteriously Disappearing Airplane)

Sir Winston Churchill compared Muslims to rabid dogs, with an implicit apology to the dogs. As this is written, an airliner has mysteriously vanished from the sky without explanation in southeast Asia; the worldwide Islamic jihad naturally jumps into mind. … Continue reading

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