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Islamic Jihad In Unexpected Places … (The Internet Isn’t Free)

The young American/Kuwaiti who shot 4 marines dead recently is occupying a lot of TV and news space. It helps distract from Iran nuclear deals and the dying E.U. financial system, we suppose. Those are important to the world and … Continue reading

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President Barackack Obama: A Victim Of History?

In a way, one might feel sympathy for President Obama. He seems set up as History’s schlemiel, a rather dirty trick to have played upon the first (1/4th) black U.S. President. Appropriate enough though, from some other angles. His legal … Continue reading

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The Trouble With History, Or “This Time Is Different!”

We are regularly reminded that those unwilling to study history are condemned to repeat it. It is no secret that American public education these days, not only fails to study history but fails to study much at all, falling into … Continue reading

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The Long Road And Short Progress Of Homo Sapiens’ History

Most of us are aware at least vaguely, of Rome; an empire some two thousand years in our past. We marvel at its running water, supplied by aqueducts. At its six story apartments, its fast food joints, paved streets and … Continue reading

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History, Revolution, Eugen Rosenstock and SNAFU …

Looking for parallels in history is a fool’s game; one can find in history nearly anything imaginable. Nevertheless, many fools play this game with themselves or with others in the hope of finding some light in history’s dark glass. We, … Continue reading

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The World Viewed From New Mexico (Opinion)

Living as we do in a rather primitive, yet decadent place full of corruption and its attendant poverty, we cannot claim any great knowledge of the world, though we have visited a good deal of it and it all lies … Continue reading

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American History Seems Too Confusing For Schoolteachers?

Schoolchildren we know inform us that history is boring. Given that it is full of more blood, sex, war, disease, invention and politics than any movie scenario, we sat down to consider that. We have noted, without paying particular attention, … Continue reading

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Why Are We Stuck With Politicians, When We Need Statesmen?

The short answer: Because that’s whom we elect. (Ouch!) Remember the last war in Europe? No, not WWII; it was the breakup of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, two pushed-together assemblages under dictators. Other than those, Europe has been (for Europe) rather … Continue reading

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If Revolting Democrats And Republicans Are Bad; A Revolting Populace Is Worse …

We have, during the recent mid-term Congressional elections just completed, been wondering about America’s two-party system. We note that in most places, there are more than two parties or there is as in China, only one. This anomaly seemed deserving … Continue reading

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Will Obama’s Successor Be Murphy? (Or Will We Luck Out Again, Somehow …)

We were ruminating recently upon Murphy and his well-known law, one that like Obamacare, Congress will not repeal regardless of rhetoric. Unlike Obamacare thoug, Murphy’s is a simple law: “What can happen, will happen.” That seems built into our universe … Continue reading

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