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Does The Lone Senator From Texas Have Enough Silver Bullets? (His Faithful GOP Companions Want To Kill Him)

Senator Ted Cruz was sent to Congress from Texas, a place with a history of larger-than-life characters in boots and Stetsons. Senator Cruz is Texan brash, not deferential with his elders and betters from the American GOP Northeast where, unlike … Continue reading

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The Ice Man Cometh, But It Isn’t Ice Cream That He Delivereth… (Who Has Eyes To See, Let Him See…)

Some may remember hearing that Cyprus ‘saved’ its banks by confiscating chunks of the deposits people had entrusted to them. That was last Spring and it caused a lot of Eurofolk aware of their own governments’ and banks’ Potemkin finance … Continue reading

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The Gang of Eight’s Economic Burglars’ Accommodation Proposal?

The ‘Gang of Eight’ bi-partisan Senators working on immigration ‘reform’ appear to be trying to put lipstick onto an amnesty bill, thus creating plausible deniability. Then they provide sneaky exceptions to provide the actuality they are denying. The conservative goal, … Continue reading

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GOP Mugwump Can’t Fly

A mugwump sits on the fence with his mug facing one way, and his wump, the other. Romney was going to win, right? No Prez was ever reelected with unemployment like ours. Until now, when we experienced this on Tuesday night. … Continue reading

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Do the Republicans in Washington Represent Their Voters Anymore?

Would you say political parties exist to push into power candidates desired and slelected by the members? Let’s consider the GOP: First, the party has to fend off opposition claims that it’s anti-black. But it belittled and attacked (with lots of … Continue reading

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