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Is It ‘Gloat’ Or ‘Bloat’ At The U.S. Postal Service?

The Post Office we’re told, is gloating because UPS and Amazon fell behind on their Christmas deliveries. We guess that this is supposed to support the superiority of government services. It strikes us rather as similar to gloating over a … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Another week has escaped us, with its follies and foibles; some are here for your pleasure: This weekend is the end of Federal long-term additions to state’s unemployment benefits for some 1.3 M people who have been without work for … Continue reading

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Channeling Jews, Chinese…And Americans Of Then And Now

Comparing results of various societies is as discouraged as it is interesting, one supposes, because so many who are influential are so heavily invested in their particular situation that they therefore, wish to avoid comparisons. If the Jews are generally … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Reality has provided us another week; here are the gleanings thereof: Life in a free country vignette: (video) Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but it doesn’t seem to impress the police… California is being sued for discrimination…by an illegal … Continue reading

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On Keeping Your Eye On The Ball…

While the media distracts us with bewhiskered trivia from ‘Duck Dynasty’ and our exhausted from perpetual campaigning President staggers off to another vacation, is there really anything that matters going on? There is one thing, the one no one is … Continue reading

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Quacking Networks And Dynastic Ducks Doing Business Together

Talking heads seem excited over something called: “Duck Dynasty.” Apparently, the duckiest dynast, one Phil Robertson (who appears to need to stand closer to his razor) has (gasp!) expressed fundamentalist Christian views–bad enough– concerning homosexuality, putting him beyond the pale. … Continue reading

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The Fed’s Incredibly Shrinking Helicopter

last nigt we approved of Marc Faber’s endless Fed funny money prediction, so today Fed Chairman Bernanke announced the first reduction in that program. Who are we gonna believe, Faber or that lying Fed boss? That’s unfair to Helicopter Ben; … Continue reading

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The Fed’s Fountain Will Foam Forever Or Until Gotterdamerung Or Something?

Generally, whatever is the subject, it seems that investment adviser Marc Faber is against it. His glass is never full and usually more than half empty. That said, his prediction that the Fed’s ‘insane’ money manufacturing will be endless has … Continue reading

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What’s The Difference Between A Republican And A Democrat Today?

Back just a few weeks ago, the GOP-controlled House was voting  what resembled machine-gun bursts to repeal Obamacare, secure in the certainty that the Senate would never go along. What a difference a little time can make in Congress! The … Continue reading

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The U.S. government (and others) is well, not facing but presented with some unappetizing (for a politician) choices. You can see here how much money the government owes and just how many of us are available to pay it. We … Continue reading

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