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Margaret Thatcher’s Ghost Stalks Halls The Halls Of The Euro …

Tomorrow, Monday: We are to know whether the E.U. financiers (Germany) will hand Greece the additional money needed to repay them their loans on time, thus papering over the debt cesspool once more, or on the other hand, the Greek … Continue reading

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What Is Seen To Matter, And What Is Not Seen To Matter … (In How We Are Governed)

The only poll that we put faith into, occurs tomorrow: Election Day. And we’re not sure we really believe that, but it’s what we’ll live with for awhile, so it matters. Courtesy of computers, we’ll know by tomorrow night who’s … Continue reading

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His Holiness Pope Francis Is Not A Blithering Idiot; He Just Sounds Like One Sometimes

“his Holiness Francis, Pope of all the Roman Catholics is a blithering idiot” was a tempting title for this but it would have been untrue. Francis, the Jesuit under the Franciscan clothing, is a highly educated, experienced and intelligent man. … Continue reading

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What Made The U.S. Unlike The Rest Of The Americas? (And Can It Last?)

Why is the United States astride the world, the modern Rome, when it is but a portion of the European-settled Americas? What has differentiated this portion of North America, between Mexico and Canada? It is rich and powerful while the … Continue reading

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