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Will Obama and Netanyahu Sstop Worrying and Learn To Love The Bomb?

Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu spoke to Congress today, or at least, to that part of it that was not absenting itself in support of President Obama’s snit. Afterward, the Prez sniffed that Netanyahu had said “nothing new.” The Prez’ … Continue reading

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Islam Seen Today: Fox News, President Obama … And A Terrible Reality

Tonight, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly deplored President Obama’s policy on Islamic terrorism (About 90% of world terrorism is Islamic.). Well, that is Mr. O’Reilly’s job. Regardless, he is correct in saying that the Obama propaganda suggesting that Moslems’ mass … Continue reading

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The Newly Nuclear Landscape Isn’t Obama’s Fault (So Why Isn’t He Facing Up To It?)

Two downplayed news stories set the scene: “Bibi warns Iran must not have nukes” is first; “Russia deploys more nukes than the US” is the second. Both report exactly what the headlines state. Iranian presidents and religious dictators have repeatedly … Continue reading

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