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“Political Science” vs Politics (And Castles In The Air)

In college Poli Sci, we learned that a principle called “subsidiarity” required political authority to be placed as closely as possible to the affected folk. You wanted local police policy for instance, to be formed locally where the policymakers knew … Continue reading

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“Common Sense” On Nuclear Policy: An Oxymoron?

Readers responding to a question asking how Iran’s neighbors should respond to a nuclear Iran made two worthy points: Nukes are a form of suicide and there are other. less total measures equally threatening to potential attackers. E.g. biological or … Continue reading

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News Media’s Movie Set, Financial Reality and Echoes of Palm Sunday

Well, let’s see: The ‘news’ media is helping the Obamafolk hide Russian’s invasion of Ukraine and Chin’s invasion of the Spratly Islands behind ISIS on the Iraqi/Syria border. The media and likely the White House are using the Chinese water … Continue reading

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