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Hobby Lobby: “Ridiculous” To The Left; “Crucial” To The Right

It is not Obamacare that the Supreme Court is disposing in the Hobby Lobby case. The Left wants the case perceived as an attack on the Affordable Care Act from the Right. The take is represented by Jon Stewart if … Continue reading

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Our Goose And The Treasury’s Books: Both Cooked?

The President and his Democrats struck a mighty blow against the sick, underemployed American economy with their Unaffordable Care Act.  Obamacare is sucking gobs of money from Americans who are already short of it, the economic equivalent of bleeding an … Continue reading

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Obamacare: The Service Is Extended But The Bills Are Due Now…

The “You can keep your doctor” joke for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went flat in a hurry; the “affordable” seems destined to be with us a while. Those old enough to care, noted that he popular and growing Medicare … Continue reading

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The GOP On Repealing Obamacare (They’ve Got To Be Kidding!)

In true GOP fashion, three Republican senators have proposed–gasp–repeal of Obamacare… and immediately apologized by attaching their replacement of the ACA’s main goodies. This replacement proposal is described by Forbes as: “A big tax hike.” The party of small government … Continue reading

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Debating Immigration (While Not Forgetting Obamacare)

One of the screen plays hoping to distract from Obamacare will be the upcoming and much ballyhooed ‘immigration reform,’ a joint program of Democrats (votes) and Republicans (cheap labor). This has opposition on both sides, from unions unhappy with non-member … Continue reading

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An American Rubicon?

American federal government has proceeded from powerlessness imposed by poverty to world-girdling power from an magically ever-filled purse in a couple of hundred years. That’s at least superficially, success. But nothing in our universe is free and such progress carries … Continue reading

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What’s The Difference Between A Republican And A Democrat Today?

Back just a few weeks ago, the GOP-controlled House was voting  what resembled machine-gun bursts to repeal Obamacare, secure in the certainty that the Senate would never go along. What a difference a little time can make in Congress! The … Continue reading

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The Gods Are Laughing (Are You?)

The recklessness of American (and other) governments is becoming, seems to us, unbelievable were it not put before us hourly. Our President parades about the world, a popinjay followed by his hundreds of retainers and deified by an awed press … Continue reading

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Barack ODracula: Putting On His Santa Claus Suit To Hide The Blood

President Obama’s shining image has dulled as his Obamacare’s costs and complications have come to clarity in the public’s minds. His cure: Obscure the money he’s taken by switching to money he wants to give. We note that Obamacare collects … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Another dim sum tray of tasty nuggets for you to dip in your choice of seasoning and enjoy: 98% of scientists consider anthropomorphic climate change to be ‘settled science’ is a massively quoted statistic; it now appears that the 98% is actually … Continue reading

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