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And If You Believed In Obamacare, I Have A Drought In California …

We are now told by His Pinocchioship, our President and his minions, that California’s drought is a result of man-made global warming. As long time residents of the (parched) south of that Golden State, we can join the linked sources in … Continue reading

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Transtextual Politicians Seem Natural in California…

If you find man-bites-dog stories enjoyable, here’s a dilly and it’s all wet, too. It’s all wet because it’s about the Hetch-Hetchy Valley; (lovely Yosemite’s twin) that was flooded to become a reservoir for San Francisco around 1913 over the … Continue reading

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Can We Industrialize the Bottle Battle?

Back awhile, American tourists traveling in Europe tended toward bemusement on noting that Europeans drank bottled water. Everybody warned us before a trip to Italy not to drink water from the taps, it would make us sick. We felt smug … Continue reading

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Water’s Bottle Battle Enters New Phase…

Europeans were long known for drinking bottled water “because tap water wasn’t safe,” letting Americans feel smug because we had all happily guzzled ours from the taps for decades without a thought–and without health problems. Then somebody thought to make bottled … Continue reading

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When Pipe Dreams Become Cost Nightmares

Have you read of a car falling into a sinkhole or stalled in an intersection flooded by a water main break? A lot of people have and more will; see, pipes in the ground, rot. They call it electrolysis and it generally … Continue reading

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