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His Holiness Pope Francis Is Not A Blithering Idiot; He Just Sounds Like One Sometimes

“his Holiness Francis, Pope of all the Roman Catholics is a blithering idiot” was a tempting title for this but it would have been untrue. Francis, the Jesuit under the Franciscan clothing, is a highly educated, experienced and intelligent man. … Continue reading

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The Jesuit Pope In Franciscan Clothing Blows It Again!

His Holiness has unfortunately done it again, throwing the Roman Catholic Church behind socialism as a cure for human ills real and imagined. We know not how much this is the intention of the Pope and how much may be opportunism … Continue reading

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Does The Roman Catholic And Apostolic Church Still Exist In America?

The Roman Catholic Church faces a batch of problems; Pope Francis must feel like a spinning compass, hardly knowing which direction to head next. The Second Vatican Council was supposed to have resolved the Church’s quandary; it only exacerbated it. … Continue reading

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The Pope Of All The Roman Catholics Has Spoken: Was Anybody Really Listening?

Pope Francis has preached a sermon to the world; whether any are listening, remains to be seen. To begin, the English title of his “Evangelii Gaudiam” is rendered: “The Joy of the Gospel” when “The Joy of Preaching the Gospel” … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Another dim sum tray of tasty nuggets for you to dip in your choice of seasoning and enjoy: 98% of scientists consider anthropomorphic climate change to be ‘settled science’ is a massively quoted statistic; it now appears that the 98% is actually … Continue reading

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Minorities Have No Rights…(That Majorities Don’t Have)

Minority’ has two meanings; one is honest. That one simply says, a minority is less than a majority. Inarguable. The other, political meaning includes that and adds political privilege to the deal. Blacks in the U.S. are less than the … Continue reading

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The Trouble With And Without, Churches

  American sociopolitical leaders have decided the country should abandon its Judeo-Christian history in favor of atheism for the convenience of government. The Obama Administration is attacking Jewish and Christian, especially Catholic, institutions along populist lines to implement that policy. … Continue reading

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