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Public Pensions and Public Unions Are Public Corruption (And Financial Poison)

American government pension funds are short what they owe government workers by some $2 trillion. That does not show up in the national debt, of which every taxpayer recently owed some $150,000 and counting, plus interest. Either retiring government workers … Continue reading

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Ride Sharing — Advancing To The Rear?

You can always find a cab in London or New York — well, Manhattan, anyway — but suppose you live in Albuquerque or sprawling Los Angeles? Best you make your call from a major hotel, airport or train station, right? … Continue reading

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The Latest (And Now Worldwide) Fast Food Strike Fizzle

The “world-wide” fast food strike returned today, with whatever fast food workers the unions could scrape up rallying with union “activists” in front of selected McDonald’s and other chain emporiums. They are still demanding $15 per hour and they are … Continue reading

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The Ignoble And Undignified History Of The American Labor Movement

In America, the Industrial Revolution and then the Civil War dumped manpower into cities and provided Progressive politicians a needy following that they have exploited ever since. With a labor surplus available, early industry paid as little as it could … Continue reading

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Labor Pains End With Tennessee Stillbirth; The UAW Is Aborted

The big industrial unions have evaporated from America along with the big industries that paid for them; the recent UAW fizzle in Tennessee only underlines the decline. Three monuments presently recall the era of industrial unions: The cadre of comfortably retired … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Your newstray of current canape’s for your selection; enjoy, curse or ignore as you see fit. Do though, do so with some thought; these are signposts pointing to today’s reality. Germany  is being criticized increasingly by the U.S. Treasury for … Continue reading

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Gleanings from the Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Our passing scene has seemed rich with events that could have occurred on no other planet; we spread this sampling before you for you, not we, to evaluate though our feelings may leak through here and there. Please enjoy! We’re … Continue reading

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The Minimum Wage Is Like Iron Pyrites…

Our new Secretary of Labor has now vowed to push for an increased minimum wage.   Seems the old scams still work best… Let me ask: Do you believe that government should control market prices? The Communists made a big deal … Continue reading

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That Barely Visible Fast Food Strike…And Who’s Left Hungry

McDonalds and most other fast food firms employ minimum wage, non-union labor; the offended unions have encouraged a nation-wide strike for a $15 hr. minimum wage—about double the present. The media, never averse to watching a fight, has featured the … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Again, we offer snippets of world events for your consideration; we will not tell you how to think, though our feelings may shine through sometimes. These are simply, signposts along the road we’re traveling. Cops are our introductory subject; this first … Continue reading

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