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Government, Health Care and (Gasp!) Competition…

Have you noticed that when the government becomes interested in something for you and works to be sure that you get it, whatever that is tends to become unaffordable? When only the brightest students went on to college, a lot … Continue reading

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How Old Is A Real Blonde? (Never Trust A Scientist!)

This is much bigger (at least for female readers) than the Boston bombing or even home-made plastic guns or abortion or President Obama’s next war. This impacts at least half of the U.S. population, personally. And it’s hard science that … Continue reading

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Why Do We Have to Pay Off a Doctor to Buy Medicine?

The Pharmacist said he couldn’t fill my prescription for tetracycline; it wasn’t available and he didn’t know when it would be. The government had added more controls on medicines and of course, shortages were resulting. Tetracycline is one step past … Continue reading

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