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ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion Racket Explained

I hadn’t known Medicaid was a racket. Well, that’s not quite true; most government services resemble rackets to some degree when you take fraud and waste into account but with Medicaid, some states are fraudsters too, apparently. New York is … Continue reading

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Well, yes, the sky is falling–slowly–and we’re doomed but so long as you understand that, there are some sunnier events taking place, too. Sort of ‘in spite of everything’ events that naturally, are not news per the media generally, so … Continue reading

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Is Secession Now a Serious or Silly subject?

Folks in several states have been signing  petitions supporting secession, mostly since the election. This has been largely ignored, and assigned a tinfoil hat when it hasn’t. So is this worth some attention or is it nonsense? Well, it may … Continue reading

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Well, They’ve Always Said the South Will Rise Again!

Seems the folks at the White House have promised to react somehow if enough voters submit their petitions for their state to secede from the union now His Highness has been reelected. Apparently a bit of hubris since now the … Continue reading

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Reagan Was Right: RomBama is the Problem, Not the Solution!

We’re presently supposed to consider President Obama or would-be President Romney as evil incarnate and his opponent as our savior, right? But if you discount the juvenile name-calling and the phony propaganda, it’s more like a Southern California resident deciding … Continue reading

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Round Two: For California, “Finance” Is an Oxymoron (Thinks It’s Washington D.C!)

Like ‘gold’ that turns your skin green, California’s nearly $5 B new borrowing approval (for the first 130 or so miles)  for its rapid rail  wonder train seems to be having more than the expected effects. California’s High Speed Train Derailing … Continue reading

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