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If Racism Is Bad, Why Is Government-Imposed Reverse Racism Good?

Our ancestors were a motley collection of mostly northern Europeans; therefore according to the Left, the miseries of the world are our fault. Even more, any miseries of Americans. Though preeminently silly, it is incessant and we are tired of … Continue reading

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“Hate Crimes” Are A Swindle On Equality …

“Hate Crimes” are more awful than other crimes and deserve extra punishment, right? Why? If you think about it a bit, it’s not for the reason you’re supposed to believe; it’s rather for the convenience of the government and at … Continue reading

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Hillary’s “Income Inequality;” Should Government Decide Incomes?

Envy is a useful human weakness for politicians; they can point to someone with something you want, agree that you deserve it too and promise to take it from the undeserving owner and give it to you in return for … Continue reading

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A Study Of Black And White Illusions … And Their Costs

A middle-aged Detroit white man driving a truck, hit and injured a 10 year old, evidently black boy in a largely black neighborhood. The locals quickly formed a mob, which,as the driver got out to help the boy, beat him … Continue reading

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Help! We Don’t Know Which Bathroom To Use!

The evolution of government is an instructive study. When there wasn’t any government, the strongest simply took what he wanted, which left a lot of weaker folk sucking wind. Those strengthened themselves by banding together and took back their own … Continue reading

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Are Democrats Pushing Compulsory Equality?

Equality is a current Democratic mantra in their mad rush to kick dirt over Obamacare in order to obscure its manifest failings and costs. But their equality and that of America’s Founders are different sorts of beasts. The Founders saw … Continue reading

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Income Inequality: (Look At What I’m Promising; Don’t Look At Obamacare!)

Our President is concerned about income inequality. What is that, exactly? Are we to assume that everybody is somehow, entitled to identical incomes? The Communists did not preach that, they wanted: “From each, according to his ability; to each, according … Continue reading

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What Should “Equality” Really Mean In America?

Most are aware, if only vaguely, that our nation’s Founders were much against establishing a formal ruling class, any hereditary nobility as obtained in the Old World. Considerable discussion occurred around President Washington’s style in office, aimed at keeping American … Continue reading

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Boys And Girls: “Vive Le Difference!”

Recent thoughts of the precarious social position of the white American male elicited wider explorations of American males and females in general, the reality as opposed to the politically ‘correct’ conceptions. The reality is what we must live with, after … Continue reading

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Channeling King Cnut…

His Majesty, Cnut the Great, King of England and Denmark and of the Norwegians and some of the Swedes is best known now for ordering the tides to roll back. His heirs in that sort of thing seem to include … Continue reading

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