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Wile E. Coyote Chases the Roadrunner of Perfect Equality…(Off the Cliff)

The U.S. is completing a two hundred thirty five year cycle from the Founders’ Republic into a nascent corporatist, totalitarian state that is arriving at near total power and inability to govern almost simultaneously. History, in other words, is repeating … Continue reading

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When ‘Fascism’ Has a Small f…

There’s a historical model wherein the government controls the economy by telling the corporate producers what to do; the Italians called their version, Fascism. Today, the Obamafolk take over banks, insurers, automakers and others and they also tell folk such … Continue reading

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‘Experts’ Want Government To Control Sugar! Ain’t that Sweet?

‘Experts’ prescribing more government control of daily living aren’t scarce. They must be running out of things to take over though, now they’re onto sugar. What’s next, air?. Hmnn…wanna bet the EPA isn’t working on that? Societal Control of Sugar Needed … Continue reading

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Beck and Soros Expect Violence; Government Has the Army Ready…Any Bets?

Will we soon see the American military sweeping the streets, “disappearing” people and imprisoning thousands without due process? We know it will be legal per the new Section 1031 of the Defense Authorization Act just enacted in Congress. We know … Continue reading

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