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Is the ‘Free’ Internet a New Oxymoron?

Have you been told of the “Global Internet Governance Alliance?” Maybe, we’d bet not. It was new to us when we saw a reported story from the Times of China. China is a Co-Chairman of its ruling Commission. From what … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Comedy Of The News …

This week, a local news reporter just back from the White House told us that President Obama’s “press conferences” were scripted, with questions submitted in advance and sometimes, answered in advance. The reporter thought people would be surprised. The White … Continue reading

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Using the NSA Crisis to Gain Control of the Internet (Before the U.S. Can Grab It.)

The headline reads: “Germany and Brazil Turn to U.N. for Help with American Spying.” The evil incompetents at the NSA overreached, were caught and thereby created a crisis of headlines, the biggest no-no of all for a spy agency. But it … Continue reading

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A Teapot Tempest And A Big Airhead Compete For Stupidity

An ongoing fuss about a Missouri State Fair rodeo clown is depriving more deserving news of exposure. The clown, either through poor judgement or political skullduggery, acted stupid with a charging bull, wearing an Obama mask. It was standard rodeo … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Another week has passed, cluttering the scene with significant events to sort from the general mishmash. Enjoy! Green is fading in Europe in the face of unaffordable cost and the indefensible failure rate of green enterprises, otherwise known as reality. … Continue reading

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Hate Speech Isn’t Free Speech! (Or Is It?)

These days, we hear regularly of religious symbols taken from public display for being offensive to atheists or Moslems, folks shouted down for opposing some subsidy of the Left’s victim of the hour and demands for extra punishment for: “hate … Continue reading

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Kansas, Columbian Hookers and Not-So-Secret Service: An Explosive Mix

We aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto; we aren’t even in the same world as Kansas. While we weren’t paying attention, the internet has changed the world. Consider: Columbian Hooker’s Photos for a moment. Have you ever heard of a hooker in … Continue reading

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It Just Seems Curious…

I have no idea whether Barack Obama is a Constitutionally qualified President but the scene makes me very, very curious. He’s self-declared big on transparency but has paid millions to lawyers to prevent anyone getting the goods. As soon as anyone … Continue reading

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Brit Kids Grabbed, Jailed and Deported Over Harmless Tweets

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  Vigilant Homeland Security saved us again, grabbing, handcuffing, jailing and deporting a couple of twenty-something Brit tourist kids on arrival before they could “destroy America” or dig up Marilyn Monroe, as one had proposed in tweets to U.S. friends … Continue reading

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