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Does The Middle East Model The World?

It requires a strong grasp of reality to deal with the Middle East. The classic story is of the frog and the scorpion on the bank of the Nile. The scorpion asked the frog to convey him to the other … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Muslim Perverts …

Barack Hussein Obama, President of the East and West Coastal States of America plus Chicago, just said that his country is at war with “those who pervert Islam.” As the overwhelming majority of reasonably peaceful Moslems just trying to survive … Continue reading

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Nobody Expected A Jesuit Pope … (A Very Scary Symbol)

The Latin American Cardinal who put on Franciscan simplicity over robes of Jesuit black seems a symbol of both an intent for Catholic renewal and of Catholic desperation. The Church is doing well in South America, but so is Protestantism. … Continue reading

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Do You Beoeve Your Media And Your Government Today?

In now unnewsworthy Ferguson, MO where Michael Brown, a young black man, was shot by police recently, we read today that, after a candlelight vigil for Brown, the new Brown Memorial burned and that was followed by a crowd invading, … Continue reading

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The U.S. Government vs. The Little Sisters Of The Poor, A Black MassAnd Doctor Franklin’s Warning

The plans of some Satanists to conduct a black mass in Oklahoma would once have been news; today, it struggles with the price of dogfood for attention. A Pennsylvania teen faces charges after among other things, simulating sex with a … Continue reading

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Round and Round We Goes, and Where We Comes Out, Nobody Knows …

The Puritan were 17th Century Christian fundamentalists whose female garb would satisfy any Moslem excepting those who insist on faceless females. Down south in Maryland, even Roman Catholics were accepted, something that to a Puritan, was not so far from … Continue reading

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Big Pro Sports Are Honest, Right? (“Say It Ain’t So, Joe!”)

We have compared the world maps of high corruption with world maps of high living standards in previous posts. The relationship should be obvious. Here we are addressing corruption itself, an insidious subject that too many of us prefer to ignore, … Continue reading

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Two Maps And A Bunch Of Crooked Politicians …. (And That Ain’t All)

Two intriguing maps are telling indicators for the future but few are paying attention. One is a map of the best and worst places in the world in which to be born today. We doubt many will find it controversial. … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Invisibility Of 300 Schoolgirls

Over three weeks ago, more than 300 students were kidnapped in Nigeria by Moslem terrorists, taken from a government boarding school for girls. Over 50 escaped and told their stories but some 276 remain captives of the Boko Haram Islamists, … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday Proves The Political Perversity Of People!

We are when it comes down to it, a funny sort of species. Birds and animals and fish  seem to know that they need to fly or run or swim quite well, or at least those that survive appear to … Continue reading

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