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The New Internet War Under Way (A Program To Identify The Players)

There’s a war in progress for domination of the Internet; it’s world wide. Many realize that China’s internet is heavily censored; much foreign information is blocked and Chinese users are monitored. Some are aware that Russia has restored Soviet (and … Continue reading

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The U.S. Government vs. The Little Sisters Of The Poor, A Black MassAnd Doctor Franklin’s Warning

The plans of some Satanists to conduct a black mass in Oklahoma would once have been news; today, it struggles with the price of dogfood for attention. A Pennsylvania teen faces charges after among other things, simulating sex with a … Continue reading

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Current News (And A Current Subject Going Unmentioned)

Now that Sergeant Bergdahl has returned to invisibility, we are once again hearing of other things, the mass assault on our southern border, Iraq and the IRS being three of them. Some thoughts come to mind re all three. We’re … Continue reading

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Your Federal ‘Servants’ Are Grabbing For The Internet Again

Perhaps the greatest changes in the history of human government are flowing from invisibly small electrons. The impact of the cell phone and the internet has frightened the liver out of governments worldwide. The ones that is, that have not … Continue reading

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Cops Don’t Need No Damn Due Process’ Anymore (Supreme Court)

The important story in today’s newspaper was: “High Courst OK’s Ban On Race As Admissions Factor.” In a box to one side of the page, together with other secondary stories, was: “”High Court: Anonymous Tip OK.  This advertised the editors’s … Continue reading

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Do You Trust Congress With Your Cell Phone And The Internet?

Two highly political technology stories merit  a lot more attention than the once watchdog and now lapdog media are providing. These have to do with cellphones and the Internet. Re the cellphones, industry lobbyists are pressing Congresfolk, who need pressing … Continue reading

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Are Today’s Police The Citizens’ Protectors?’

You’re a citizen; are the cops still on your side? The L.A. police cars when I was a kid, said on their doors: “To serve and to protect” and we believed it. Decades later in Albuquerque, a local front page … Continue reading

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