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Is The Economic Sky Falling, Or Settling Gently Upon Us?

Eminent financial guru Bill Mauldin is a professional pessimist; his sky is always falling. And he is as knowledgeable as financial folk get. So when he predicts an eventual end to debt and deficits as a transitional  whimper rather than … Continue reading

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Political Theater And The Crisis Du Jour, Substituting For News …

American and European voters (unless they’re Swiss) are being herded through elections by political theatrical performances intended to maintain those in power so that they can reward their supporters. (Situation normal …) A highly educated society is hard to herd; … Continue reading

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Is Thirsty Detroit An American Prophecy?

Detroit was the nation’s third largest, calling itself the “motor city” after its primary economic activity: The world-leading U.S. auto industry. But now, GM makes more cars in China, Chrysler is a department of Fiat and world leaders lie Toyota … Continue reading

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The “Three Little Pigs” As An Economic Survival Paradigm …

Reality appears to be less ignored than politicians are admitting. The U.S. government talks up economic ‘recovery’ and leans on its obedient media to do the same but it has armed even its Department of Agriculture to the teeth with … Continue reading

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Even The Progressives Can’t Get Something For Nothing (All They Can Do Is Pretend)

The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates low for a very long time, as part of its now perennial easy money policy. The Federal Funds Rate has remained below 1% since 2008. In effect, the Fed is giving it away. … Continue reading

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INFLATION: Wall Street Better Get It Right … The Fed, Can’t!

Who are you going to believe, the Federal Reserve or those guys on Wall Street who go broke and lose their jobs when they’re wrong too much? You have to choose, because the two have split in a way that … Continue reading

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America’s Streets, Once Paved With Gold. Are Now Paved With Debt …

$152,000 we noted recently, is the average U.S. taxpayer’s portion of the nation’s debt. Plus, of course, interest, of course. We note as well, the ongoing decrease in the percentage of the population still working. Early last century, folk flocked … Continue reading

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The World, It Is A’Changin’ … (Be Careful What You Ask For …)

The paramount civilization of earth has been Western and it is under deconstruction at present. Places like China and India are cherry-picking what they want from it while ignoring the centrality around which it was built: Christianity. Thus it may … Continue reading

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The GOP On Repealing Obamacare (They’ve Got To Be Kidding!)

In true GOP fashion, three Republican senators have proposed–gasp–repeal of Obamacare… and immediately apologized by attaching their replacement of the ACA’s main goodies. This replacement proposal is described by Forbes as: “A big tax hike.” The party of small government … Continue reading

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Poverty…And Political Poverty

We were told a couple of thousand years ago that: “The poor, you will always have with you”\…”  and sure enough… But now we need to parse the term: “poor” before we get too excited over it. Consider: We were … Continue reading

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