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Will the Erstwhile Queen of the Winter Olympics Survive in a Post Pandemic World?   The sport may be too difficult, too costly, too unrewarding and too inaccessible for our new reality. Never plentiful, ice rinks grew in a cheap … Continue reading

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Figure Skating’s Audience … And Perpetual Conundrum

It’s unarguable that both audience and TV have largely abandoned the sport. Equally so is the sport’s need of a paying audience since it lacks both the numerous participants of tennis and the supporting schools of gymnastics. Worse yet, participation … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby, Lovable Serial Rapist Of 30 Years Ago?

Everyone’s uncle Bill Cosby, paterfamilias extraordinaire a rapist? Certainly not! And the accusation is 30 years old and without any supporting evidence, at least to date. But then another materialized from that long darkness, and another and more. Now, we … Continue reading

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Naked Actresses, Hackers, The Internet … Ho Hum!

A number of British and American actresses are apparently having a snit over the appearance of numerous photos of themselves naked and in some cases apparently lewd, on the Internet. This reminds us of the righteous indignation of the fox … Continue reading

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Equalizing Dance Inequality With The Stars

TV’s “Dancing With The Stars” pretends to be a ballroom dance competition between various non-dance personalities with professional ballroom dance partners supplied by the show. Ratings have been in decline; it is assumed that the current season will be the … Continue reading

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The First ‘Black’ President vs. The First In Cable News… A Grudge Match?

Unavoidably it would seem, Fox News’ leading news pundit, Bill O’Reilly, will shortly interview President Obama for the second time. The Prez clearly could use a ratings boost and perhaps the same is true of O’Reilly, or perhaps he is … Continue reading

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What Should “Equality” Really Mean In America?

Most are aware, if only vaguely, that our nation’s Founders were much against establishing a formal ruling class, any hereditary nobility as obtained in the Old World. Considerable discussion occurred around President Washington’s style in office, aimed at keeping American … Continue reading

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A Teapot Tempest And A Big Airhead Compete For Stupidity

An ongoing fuss about a Missouri State Fair rodeo clown is depriving more deserving news of exposure. The clown, either through poor judgement or political skullduggery, acted stupid with a charging bull, wearing an Obama mask. It was standard rodeo … Continue reading

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The Many Faces Of Actor Matt Damon…

There’s no shortage of hypocrisy on the Right and it should be admitted but there is something about the sanctimonious Left that no Right wingnut can match. Today provided an example, full brass band and flags flying and entirely too … Continue reading

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How Figure Skating Lost Its Way…

Figure skating was a gentleman’s pastime of drawing diagrams on the ice with skates when American ballet dancer Jackson Haines started performing his art on skates. His creation was called: “free skating” and added to the sport so as competition … Continue reading

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