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Nobody Expected A Jesuit Pope … (A Very Scary Symbol)

The Latin American Cardinal who put on Franciscan simplicity over robes of Jesuit black seems a symbol of both an intent for Catholic renewal and of Catholic desperation. The Church is doing well in South America, but so is Protestantism. … Continue reading

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A Small, Simple Question About Obamacare …

Before Obamacare, the U.S. government functioned on massive spending deficits, a result of social welfare and military programs that exceeded available resources. All these continue unabated, plus the addition of Obamacare, that added some 20 to 40 million (depending upon … Continue reading

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America’s Figure Skating Faces A Hard Landing

In a recent article, George Rossano pointed to the Russian dominance and American retreat from the top international placements. His observation defines the near future of the sport for very apparent reasons. Figure skating is too difficult, too expensive and … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our regular Saturday Selection, bits seeming significant, serious or silly but somehow given underwhelming news notice by the Mighty Media. All yours, as evidently, few others want them … Europe, in  ongoing  “Free Trade”  negotiations, is resisting imports of ‘chlorine … Continue reading

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How Do U.S. Voters Differ From Pet Rats And 12 Year Old Girls?

Twelve year old twin daughters of a family with whom we are acquainted have pursued strenuously the acquisition of pet rats, one for each twin. The approach of Christmas accelerated the putsch into semi-Panzer attack mode; their parents, conditioned to … Continue reading

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President Obama Wants His Attorney General To Be Your Chief Of Police

Depending upon your local or Federal locus, American police are a bulwark or an enemy. A war is being waged over who shall control them. The Founders set them under local control, a balance against potential national government tyranny. The … Continue reading

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New York City’s Two Dead Cops and Dissed Mayor Are A Distraction …

U.S. TV journalists obsession of the moment appears to be the murder of two cops in New York City. American journalists often seem to think that New York and Washington, D.C. together comprise the world. Never mind London, Paris, Berlin, … Continue reading

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Black, White or Brown; We All Have To Pay For Our Free Lunch …

We were (pick yours) greasers, micks, wops, kikes, krauts, limeys, chinks, japs, hunkys,  spics and niggers; now we may be any of those but the last. Otherwise well-mannered girls commonly use language that would have once caused a sailor to … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Just for you: Residuals of the late week; crass, comic, even important but overlooked. Enjoy! Chicago  Mayor’s son robbed outside family home.  Well, considering what the politicians steal from the taxpayers … Immigrants  Population doubled since 1990,  from 7% to … Continue reading

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What Are We To Think Of 2014 Cuba?

We know not that of which we speak here; we read no minds. Nor even tea leaves … Still, we have some ideas respecting our Presidents’s cuddling up with Cuba after 50 years of repugnance. You may have some, too. … Continue reading

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