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Did YOUR Mom Prepare You For The Congressional Budget Director?

It’s “Good Night, Ladies” and the party’s over for any with more than half a brain cell; the laggards received notice from the Congressional Budget Office. per its Director. He said, in public, that we face “unpleasant” decisions affecting Social … Continue reading

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A 3 and an 8 Year Old Bring Down an Airliner With Fear?

Honest, I’m not making this up! Two kids, ages 3 and 8, refused to fasten their seat belts on an Alaska Airlines flight to Vancouver with their family, so the captain made an ’emergency’ landing at Portland. Not kidding! Emergency Landing … Continue reading

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Most Moms Under 30 Haven’t Married…

Not long ago, being called a bastard may not have been uncommon, but it was usually inaccurate; now it’s the new normal. Most Births to Those Under 30 Are to Unwed Moms explains how so. It’s still not nice, though. And as … Continue reading

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