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Greece’s Wiley E. Coyote Moment?

To begin: We are more opinionated than knowledgeable;. apply salt. For youngsters, Wiley E. Coyote chased the little Roadrunner (a Southwestern American ground-loving bird) off cliffs; the bird would take wing but the wingless coyote would not notice his predicament … Continue reading

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Truth Arrives on Monday (But It Won’t Make Anybody Free ..)

The truth we are told, shall make us free. Except when it shows how much our politicians have indebted us. The share of national debt owed by U.S. taxpayers passessed $150,000 some time back but we assume someone else will … Continue reading

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Is The Economic Sky Falling, Or Settling Gently Upon Us?

Eminent financial guru Bill Mauldin is a professional pessimist; his sky is always falling. And he is as knowledgeable as financial folk get. So when he predicts an eventual end to debt and deficits as a transitional  whimper rather than … Continue reading

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Have U.S. Stock Prices Repealed The Law Of Gravity?

We have read in the last few days, that the world’s billionaires are buying up a lot of gold bars and now, that they are hoarding cash. We add to that: “He wo has eyes to see, let him see.” In … Continue reading

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Russians, Moslem Murderers, Argentine Deadbeats and Chinese Dragons …

Three significant reports deserve attention today: Ukraine’s military has divided the forces of the wana-be Russians in East Ukraine and their (reportedly Russian) leaders are said to have fled. The American Left has turned on Israel and now supports Hamas. And Argentina … Continue reading

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The “Three Little Pigs” As An Economic Survival Paradigm …

Reality appears to be less ignored than politicians are admitting. The U.S. government talks up economic ‘recovery’ and leans on its obedient media to do the same but it has armed even its Department of Agriculture to the teeth with … Continue reading

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Obamacare, The Economy And The Empress’s Lover

Russia’s Catherine the Great  once set out down the Dnieper river  to inspect all the development accomplished by her favorite and sometime lover Grigory Potemkin when he governed the Crimea. Per the story, Potemkin, having been lying about it to … Continue reading

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America’s Streets, Once Paved With Gold. Are Now Paved With Debt …

$152,000 we noted recently, is the average U.S. taxpayer’s portion of the nation’s debt. Plus, of course, interest, of course. We note as well, the ongoing decrease in the percentage of the population still working. Early last century, folk flocked … Continue reading

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Who’s In Charge (Wehn All Have Submarines, Cruise Missiles And Nukes)?

The fuss about Iran joining the nuclear powers goes on but few seem to care. President Obama does not seem to care; he’s presiding over a pro-forma dialogue with that country while it continues its lengthy pursuit of nukes. Even … Continue reading

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Who Were The Models For “Dumb And Dumber?”

The debt ceiling has been the recent, manufactured ‘news’ thrill intended to keep us hanging upon the media’s dole, lest we go fishing independently in the internet. That would deprive the news elite of their rarified salaries, leaving them to … Continue reading

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