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Benghazi’s American Dead And “What Difference Does It Make?”

The full power of the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress seem bent on assuring that four dead Americans who died representing the U.S. in Libya, make no difference. Is that the whole story? I don’t know. What can we … Continue reading

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When Rulers Pine for ‘Nice Little Wars’…

There are times when rulers really get a bang out of a nice little war. A need to distract voters from other forms of unpleasantness that may be blamed on the ruler is an outstanding example throughout history. And today, … Continue reading

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Seeing the Difference Between Figure Skating Politicians and U.S. Congressfolk (It’s Not Easy…)

The International Skating Union (ISU) ‘cured’ judging scandals by hiding the judging from the public with a revised scoring system and removing the subjective artistry from judging in favor of revolutions in the air. That has replaced attractive young women with pre-teens … Continue reading

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The Kettle We’ve Known Is About To Boil Over…

It’s said that when the British surrendered to General Washington’s army, their band played: “The World Turned Upside Down.” Not having been there, I can’t say but the events of 2012 are shaping up toward that sentiment; with much of … Continue reading

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A Prophet Speaks of What He Doesn’t Know…

What’s going to happen this new year 2012? Damfino. But some things seem more likely than others, right? So let’s ruminate a bit on some of those of current interest. You can return in 2013 and laugh about the misses … Continue reading

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