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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Detritus of the week just ending: The culture (Sweden): A man live streamed a gang rape on Facebook.((Amateur filmmakers proliferating …) More culture: Gunfire ended a protest against a right wing speaker at the University of Washington. (We thought that … Continue reading

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The Sellin Out of Women’s Athletics (Even in the Rio Olympics!)

The “progressive” Left’s social engineering has proceeded all the way from unrealistic/malignant to its ultimate: slapstick. Philosophers wondering why a hyperintelligent Creator would bother with such as we need look no further than the Rio Olympics to know that we … Continue reading

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G7: Are We All Greeks Yet? (Oh, and Ukraine)

For aficionados of irony, this weekend’s Bavarian (Lovely place!)  G7 Meeting of the Mighty is a prize. God (dead or otherwise) must be laughing His head off. The two primary participants, a Greek Prime Minister and a Russian President, aren’t … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Your Saturday selection, laid out helpless before your eyes: Housing First: A praised program that provides permanent housing, healthcare, etc for the homeless. Wasn’t that what the old, abandoned for excessive cost, poorhouses did? Will this catch on? Will we … Continue reading

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Looking For Salvation (And Looking, And Looking …)

A seatmate on a recent flight was convinced that only government can solve Man’s problems for him. And of course, her and now we suppose, its as well. A common belief, these days. The experience raised some questions for us. … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis, Humanity?

Roman Catholics are Christians; their numbers in the West are shrinking.So are those of Protestants. In the Moslem world, the numbers of committed believers also shrinks. Too many precepts of each faith are becoming ignored as people discover modern technology … Continue reading

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The President, Congress, MSNBC To Fox News: Is Anybody Listening Any More?

We are no particular fans of our President but neither do we wish to ape his shtick, telling folk that they can keep their doctors knowing that is not so. Thus, if we are unimpressed with the Prez, no more … Continue reading

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Are American Voters Responsible Adults Or Stupid Children?

Every U.S. taxpayer owes an average of $153,392 of federal debt right now. He is also on the hook for whatever state, county and city debt for which he is liable. And naturally, any debt of his own, though that … Continue reading

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