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Mr. Nye, the Political Science Guy, Says GOP Evolution Deniers Are Morons?

Are we the descendants of monkeys? Bill Nye, the ‘Science Guy’ on TV says any of us who doubt it are morons. ‘Science Guy’ Nye Belabors GOP re Evolution is the story. On the other hand, some say that accepting the opinion … Continue reading

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As Ever, What Man Has Made Cannot Stand…Walls of Our New Jericho

As abortion tells us, we’re split between believers who hold to rights from a Creator that transcend the power of government and non-believers who find all power rooted only in government. The first bunch finds a duty to preserve human … Continue reading

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Is the U.S. Really Going To The Dogs?

Sometimes a series of stories become a trend in your mind and make you think about something you hadn’t considered much before. Ohio Man Charged After 6 Puppies Found In Suitcase followed stories about a guy getting several years in jail … Continue reading

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Christians, Moslems, Atheists and Modernity…

As the governments fall to financial failure, what societies might hold together under the strain? In the post-Christian West, only Christianity has glued societies in the past–and riven them as well–but what power has it now, a faint shadow of … Continue reading

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