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Will Ebola and ISIS Lose News Value Next Wednesday?

Not much news leaks through the media bulwark of Ebola and ISIS but we assume the earth proceeds even without our attention. Russia is still trying to mug Ukraine, Hong Kong is still trying to wrest some freedom from China, … Continue reading

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Has Fed Chair Janet Yellin Really Pulled The Plug On The US Economy?

These days, the biggest news receives the least attention, and vice very much versa. We’re told that the Federal Reserve announced the end in November, of QE3; the Fed  will stop printing money out of the air. That is much bigger … Continue reading

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Presidential Terms: Begun By Heroes; Finished By Villains …

We’re informed now that: “Life Under Obama Sucks.” We hear: “Dems Run From Reid “ We’re told that a Union blasted the White House amnesty/immigration plan. And that foreign born employees are now some 25 million in the U.S. What does this … Continue reading

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From What, Exactly, Is ISIS And Ebola Distracting US?

We don’t know how it is with you. With us, if we rely upon TV and newspapers for information, the only significant events in the world right now, concern Ebola and ISIS. And even if you resort to the Internet, … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

News items extracted from the passing flow, we hope that you find them worthy of thought  … Chicago   2Dead, 8 hurt Friay into Saturday  (One extended day in the windy city …) The  US Marriage Rate:  ‘Never married” was 10%, … Continue reading

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The Climate Change You Haven’t Heard From Politicians …

If dishonest politicians and the dishonest ‘scientists’ on their payrolls can write about the future climate, we figure so can we. And as no one is offering us any money to lie about it, we will speak only the truth … Continue reading

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When The U.S. Economy Can’t Employ Enough People, Why Import Millions More?

People have migrated throughout history; a few because they wanted something and many because the fled something. Few have left their homes unless they felt driven to do so; homes are a heavy investment to abandon, even with a known … Continue reading

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