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How Our Political Parites Loyally Represent Us

The Left likes to use guilt to sell its programs; riding the convenient fact that self-preservation is a human basic. The ‘greedy seniors’ are currently on the grill for collecting Medicare and Social Security benefits that are now creating deficits. … Continue reading

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Who Really Owns ‘Private Property’ In The U.S?

Both owners and renters of real estate directly or indirectly pay property taxes to support government. If the tax isn’t paid, the government takes the property. Thus the reality of American ‘private property’ is that yours is rented from the … Continue reading

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Is President Obama Learning To Love The Bomb?

What’s a poor President to do? The Iranians are claiming that he’s lying to America about their new deal. Being called a liar by an Iranian diplomat resembles being called bloodthirsty by a vampire but we have to admit he … Continue reading

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The Mouth Of Martin Bashir

First, it’s necessary to understand that Sarah Palin is unacceptable She is not the first American to hold herself above her station; Dan Quayle and Robert Bork preceded her and were duly destroyed for their pretensions. Palin is triply unacceptable … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Our weekly accumulation of likely and unlikely reality presented for your evaluation, confusion and amusement or just so you can feel that your were right all along… The ‘Knockout Game’ nailed a cyclist. More in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. How … Continue reading

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The ‘Knockout’ Game Hits The News (Finally)

You’re on the sidewalk; a little group of young, black males lets you by or overtakes you… and one of them unexpectedly punches your head as hard as he can, hoping to knock you unconscious with one blow. Oh, by … Continue reading

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A Question For Americans…Anno Domini 2013

Business survival is simple: Profit, or die. Government is less obvious but a reasonable measure might be Ronald Reagan’s famous use of: “Are you better off than you were?” Businessfolk lie to us at their peril; that is illegal, and … Continue reading

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Have the Nuts Taken Over The Asylum?

Switzerland will vote shortly whether its government will provide its adult citizens $2,800 monthly for being Swiss. All of them, not just the needy. Evidently at least some Swiss weren’t paying attention when the Soviets’ economy collapsed and China dumped … Continue reading

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Is Afghanistan American’s Tar Baby?

The tar baby of Uncle Remus fame illustrated something much easier to pick up than it was to put down again; perhaps Afghanistan will prove to be President Obama and America’s tar baby. A deal to keep U.S. troops and … Continue reading

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The Studied Invisibility Of (Censored) Racism…

We realize that the Left wishes to equate any disagreement about their program with racism on the basis that, because our President is 1/4 black, disagreeing with him must be a reaction to his skin. We know this because Oprah … Continue reading

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