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Why Are U.S. Cronies Now Banking With Vladimir and China?

An enormous, red, white and blue elephant walked into the room of World Finance, recently; the financial  and other media are bursting blood vessels with the strain of ignoring it. International finance revolves around the World Bank and the International Monetary … Continue reading

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The Newly Nuclear Landscape Isn’t Obama’s Fault (So Why Isn’t He Facing Up To It?)

Two downplayed news stories set the scene: “Bibi warns Iran must not have nukes” is first; “Russia deploys more nukes than the US” is the second. Both report exactly what the headlines state. Iranian presidents and religious dictators have repeatedly … Continue reading

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The U.S, Russia and China: How Long Can A Weakening Lion Hold Off The Jackals?

Russia and China are threats; ISIS is an annoyance. It is one of some hundreds of such groups, including al Shabab, Abu Sayaf, Boko Haram, the Taliban and many others around the world. It is receiving enormous publicity because it … Continue reading

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The Magician’s Assisstant Wriggles Her ISIS To Distract Us From Ukraine …

The manufactured Ferguson ‘crisis’ having gone its appointed way, we are now bombarded with the ISIS crisis to replace it. We are glued to Arabs murdering Arabs for being insufficiently Moslem, a game played without cease for centuries in those … Continue reading

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Has Dr. Strangelove Entered Ukraine On A White Horse?

While American media was distracted by ISIS and Ferguson, Russia appears to have invaded eastern Ukraine. Several thousand Russian troops and 100 tanks are reported fighting their way along the Ukrainian coast, relieving the pressure the Urrainian military had been … Continue reading

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The Heirs Of America Are Lining Up For Their Shares … (But It’s All Been Spent!)

Russian strategic bombers are reportedly testing American air defenses, invading U.S. airspace at least 16 times in the last 10 days. This sort of thing mostly disappeared with the Soviet Union but now Russia and China too, are resorting to … Continue reading

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On Ramifications Of Downed Airliners …

On July 17th, 1996, TWA flight 800 inexplicably exploded in midair and crashed into the Atlantic, killing all on board. The Federal investigators eventually attributed that to an explosion in a fuel tank. Others had other explanations, including an erroneous … Continue reading

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Czar Vlad The First Puts The West In Check; The West Castles Its King …

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has bluffed and bullied his way into an ongoing recovery of the old Czarist Empire in an ongoing chess match with a declining West. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is grabbing Eastern Ukraine, his next big bite after … Continue reading

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