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U.S. Navy Assigns Guardian To Reef In Environmental Binge

The U.S. Navy has more ships than any other navy; more in fact, than a bunch of other navies put together. It is nevertheless reported to be dissatisfied and thinks itself in need of a number of new ones now … Continue reading

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A Treaty Can Trump The Constitution? (Guns, Again…)

“GUN” is more obscene now than honest, Anglo-Saxon F–K, right? If you were to strap a rifle to your back and go shopping, you’d expect to be arrested, as was a recent 21-year-old who did that, mistakenly having taken the … Continue reading

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If Homo Sapiens Rules, Are The Nuts Running The Asylum?

Can nations be insane? We hear that repeating past actions expecting a different result is a definition of insanity; one may parse that to equal ignoring reality in conducting one’s life. We consider kids who murder innocents in schools and … Continue reading

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Government Dependents Are A Dream For The Democrats, Right?

We’ve heard regularly that approaching half of U.S. citizens receive some sort of government dole these days, completing our conversion from a self-reliant to a dependent society. And this naturally favors Democratic politicians. So far, anyway. But dependency is a … Continue reading

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The Clowns Are Dancing In Washington…

Though laughter is left to you, this is a humorous piece; it’s about the GOP’s proffered budget, presently on offer from Speaker Boehner.¬†Boehner’s Budget¬†will inform you. The good Speaker of the House has smugly offered the idea of holding off … Continue reading

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If the Designer Made a Perfect Universe, How Did a Sapient Monkey Get In?

Seems to me, most problems in the U.S. and most other places come down to the citizens. In America, we vote for the government we want; that makes us responsible for it. Yeah, they lie to us but voters have … Continue reading

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Ask Not For Whom The ‘End Of Life Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee…

The run-up to Obamacare included a much-derided comment from Sarah Palin regarding the Obamacare committees charged with deciding medical care to be provided (or not provided) in various circumstances, including terminal ones. She called them: “death panels: and was duly … Continue reading

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