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U.S. Navy Assigns Guardian To Reef In Environmental Binge

The U.S. Navy has more ships than any other navy; more in fact, than a bunch of other navies put together. It is nevertheless reported to be dissatisfied and thinks itself in need of a number of new ones now … Continue reading

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A Treaty Can Trump The Constitution? (Guns, Again…)

“GUN” is more obscene now than honest, Anglo-Saxon F–K, right? If you were to strap a rifle to your back and go shopping, you’d expect to be arrested, as was a recent 21-year-old who did that, mistakenly having taken the … Continue reading

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If Homo Sapiens Rules, Are The Nuts Running The Asylum?

Can nations be insane? We hear that repeating past actions expecting a different result is a definition of insanity; one may parse that to equal ignoring reality in conducting one’s life. We consider kids who murder innocents in schools and … Continue reading

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Government Dependents Are A Dream For The Democrats, Right?

We’ve heard regularly that approaching half of U.S. citizens receive some sort of government dole these days, completing our conversion from a self-reliant to a dependent society. And this naturally favors Democratic politicians. So far, anyway. But dependency is a … Continue reading

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The Clowns Are Dancing In Washington…

Though laughter is left to you, this is a humorous piece; it’s about the GOP’s proffered budget, presently on offer from Speaker Boehner. Boehner’s Budget will inform you. The good Speaker of the House has smugly offered the idea of holding off … Continue reading

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If the Designer Made a Perfect Universe, How Did a Sapient Monkey Get In?

Seems to me, most problems in the U.S. and most other places come down to the citizens. In America, we vote for the government we want; that makes us responsible for it. Yeah, they lie to us but voters have … Continue reading

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Ask Not For Whom The ‘End Of Life Bell Tolls, It Tolls For Thee…

The run-up to Obamacare included a much-derided comment from Sarah Palin regarding the Obamacare committees charged with deciding medical care to be provided (or not provided) in various circumstances, including terminal ones. She called them: “death panels: and was duly … Continue reading

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What can be done when the villain stealing your money and reducing your wages while also driving your living costs higher is your government? Not much, but there are a few things, assuming you can’t replace your government. First to … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis, Figure Skating?

Figure skating sits in an odd sort of place, halfway between the New York City Ballet and Congress. The acknowledged ‘father’ of modern competitive skating, Jackson Haines, was an American ballet dancer who added music and ballet moves to his … Continue reading

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Dognapping, Retirement, and Are You OK; the President Is!

Sometimes, it can be fun to line up a bunch of news reports on varied subjects, just to see what falls out. For example, we learned this recently from folks who worry about pets: Dognapping Up 70%. We conclude from this … Continue reading

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