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Why the Lions’s Share of the News … Doesn’t Always Tell Us Much

Cecil the lion is dead, killed by an American dentist now in hiding; his practice suspended. Triggered by journalists, the Internet-linked world is awash in anger against the villainous trophy seeker. But, wait a minute. The beloved animal so cavalierly … Continue reading

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Fox News,, Government and “Low Information” But Contented Citizens

The secret ObamaTrade bill took a significant step through both houses of Congress via GOP anschluss with support from most current Republican presidential hopefuls. Not all, but most. The Dems gave us ObamacCare;the Republicans are providing ObamaTrade; both were too … Continue reading

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NEWS: Everything That We Want You To Know (Or Believe)

Reversing our usual wont, tonight we comment upon what is not news rather than upon what the newsfolk are belaboring. We thought that a change would be restful. Opening this package comes naturally with both Ebola and ISIS, two stories … Continue reading

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