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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Our latest accumulation: As March 15th approaches, government finance is a zero sum game? (Article) (Not really – governments seldom run out of taxpayers’ money) The economy: Tent cities of homeless are expanding in California, unaddressed by (mostly Democrat) officials. … Continue reading

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Corny Copter Takes Tacos To Town…

With Iraq and Afghanistan closing, we’ve been told the drones are coming home with the troops and Congress has ordered the FAA to be ready. Some yankee go-getters seem to be thinking ahead: Tacocopter Would Deliver Tacos Via Unmanned Drone tells … Continue reading

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Government Mileage Mandate Obsoleting Spare Tires (But Not Flats)?

Flat tires aren’t so frequent as in older days; government’s hiking mileage regulations comes more often. The manufacturers stuck with meeting those regulations have made the obvious connection; they’re starting to omit spare tires from new models for the weight savings needed … Continue reading

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