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What’s the Difference Between Congress and Figure Skating?

Changing the names to protect the guilty might make it difficult to determine whether the subject was figure skating or U.S. government. Both are run by elected politicians alleged to be human beings too although no DNA evidence is available. … Continue reading

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This Time, the Sky Is Really Falling!

Well boys and girls, voters and voteresses, here’s how it’s all going down. You can enjoy a good laugh at my expense, at least until it happens. Then, you’re on your own… Europe is disintegrating into its component parts because … Continue reading

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Can Somebody Clone Scott Walker?

Few are now unaware of our profligate federal government’s debts and continued spending of borrowed and fiat money. All who bother to consider this, know an end approaches; even governments can’t run on the something for nothing principle indefinitely. But … Continue reading

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Stop the Earth; I Really Do Want to Get Off!

If you had expected the 1994, 6.7 Northridge, CA quake, would you, in late 1993 have moved into the Northridge apartments that it collapsed? Silly question, of course. But you live on planet Earth without a thought, right? That’s not the … Continue reading

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How Real Is Our Reported Economic Growth?

Ever wondered how our economy keeps on growing, if slowly, when everything is so troubled? But it must be true, the government says so. Yeah and the nice man just wants to give your kid candy, right? Here’s something to … Continue reading

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New York Times re: Hot Times in the Big Apple!

If the New York Times still leads the Liberal Green parade (debated) we’re in for some hot times in the Big Apple and elsewhere. We already know we use too much energy, live in oversized homes and drive oversized cars. Congress … Continue reading

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Ned and Tom Have Moved to Washington and Gone Into Politics…

Couple of fellows I’d like you to meet: Ned Ludd and Thomas Malthus, both Brits now dead but with a lot to say about present U.S. government policy. Tom, an economist but respectable otherwise,  did his thing in 1898. By … Continue reading

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Heard Any ‘Cash Under the Mattress’ Jokes Lately?

Everyone under say, 80 laughs about the old folks who kept cash under the mattress. A sign of senility, right? You get a different slant though, from those 80 and older who A: arent senile, and B: Remember the Great … Continue reading

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How the Progressives Swindled Kids Into College…or, How Something for Nothing Becamd Nothing for Something

For a long time, kids good at academics went on to college; others took shop courses, mechanical drawing and other less intellectual programs. The college kids waited longer to start careers and many of them–not all–earned more than those with … Continue reading

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Seeing the Difference Between Figure Skating Politicians and U.S. Congressfolk (It’s Not Easy…)

The International Skating Union (ISU) ‘cured’ judging scandals by hiding the judging from the public with a revised scoring system and removing the subjective artistry from judging in favor of revolutions in the air. That has replaced attractive young women with pre-teens … Continue reading

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