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When No One Attends Your (Political) Party

Recent polls have shown that members of political parties include some 56% of voters; 30% being Democrats, 26% Republicans; 43% are now self-described Independents. Per the Washington Times, this is a record number of unaffiliated. It provides much to consider, seems … Continue reading

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How Much Government Help Can a Country Survive?

New Mexico with its long Spanish history merged with Indians is small in population, politically corrupt as we see things, and poor compared to other states. Its legislature, long dominated by Democrats, is a small repository of Big Government. Its … Continue reading

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Some Ancient Wisdom … And the Mysterious Disappearance of Middle Class Wealth

Wealth Redistribution seems to draw a bit more (but not too much more) attention when done by the Obama Administration through social spending upon specified ‘victim’ groups. Obamacare is but the latest major instance, while new immigration decrees (or ‘executive orders’) … Continue reading

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This Week’s Not Quite Record-Breaking New York Blizzard

By now, most with the awareness of say, a cabbage, understand that the civilization-halting blizzard predicted by the National Weather Service sent in its little brother in its place in New York and Boston. The Weather Service apologized (sort of) … Continue reading

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Greece, Germany, Relity … And The (Loosely Assembled) United States

The European Central Bank has decided to boost credit via quantitative easing, now that Q.E. has not worked in the U.S. The Swiss Franc shot up 30% at the news. And Germany balanced its budget for the first time since … Continue reading

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I’m White; Everything Is My Fault, Right?

Arizona State University apparently offers a course: “The Problem of Whiteness ” for those interested. It delves into the “Hate Whitey” syndrome some and looks at the Black/White division in American society. Its existence has raised a fuss. The political Left … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Your Saturday selections: The Speaker (D) of the New York State Assembly was arrested on bribery charges. (A good start …) A Virginia Democrat was reelected to the state legislature … while serving his sentence for sex with an underage … Continue reading

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