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Can Americans Distinguish Real From Virtual War, Anymore?

War, depending upon to whom one listens, can be a number of different things. It is “the continuation of politics by other means” if one listens to Carl von Clausewitz. We were assured at one time, that Americans understood war. … Continue reading

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ISIS Shakes The World! (Russia, China And The Oily Arabs, Not So Much … Yet)

News we receive seems fixed upon ISIS to the exclusion of much else, now that Ebola has evidently been fought to a standstill. We hear little of Russia’s de facto invasion of Ukrarine and essentially nothing of China’s current invasion … Continue reading

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Playing Poker With President Putin

The government of Ukraine signed another cease fire agreement with the Russia to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine that President Putin claims is not happening. All those dead bodies and Russian prisoners are just as much an illusion as … Continue reading

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I’TS (Insert Name)’s FAULT! (It can’t be US!)

We seem a consistent, if pretty funny species. Arabs are poor and exploited by the damn Jews and the West. Russians are poor and exploited by the West as well; the Chinese are just recovering from the same disease. South … Continue reading

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Fanatic Islam, Threatened Dictators, Declining Hegemons: Reality Surpasses Fiction!

From the endless indignation of our newsies, we are supposed to be chagrined at the absence of our mighty from the French street circus over the Jihadist attack on a French magazine. That absence is important! Crucial, even. Intolerable for … Continue reading

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Obama Was Against Bush’s Wars … Until He Was For Them?

More troops we are told, will stay in Afghanistan . We are afraid that we understand why. A news story today said that the United States will give Pakistan over a billion dollars in aid next year. Pakistan created and housed … Continue reading

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Russia and China Playing International Trick or Treat …

American children go door to door in costumes on Halloween, learning to be little extortionists; they ring, say: “Trick or treat!” and hold out some receptacle, expecting the householder to deposit candy. This odd practice is nearly universal in the … Continue reading

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The Middle East Is A Hole … (Why Not Stop Digging?)

Things are never simple in the Middle East. For example, consider the current struggle for a Kurdisn Syrian town on the Turkish border, presently attacked by ISIL and defended by a smaller and more lightly armed group of Syrian Kurds, … Continue reading

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ON WAR (With Apologies To Carl Von Clausewitz)

Among military professionals it used to be said that the Americans understood war, especially after the worlds’s generals started studying the U.S. Civil War as part of their educations. That was demonstrated for all to see in the winning of … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts ABout ISIS, For Those Tired Of Huysteria …

There are actually, hundreds of Islamic terrorist groups from the Middle East to China and many in Africa. We hear a bit of the Taliban in Afghanistan and al Qaeda generally but not a lot else. On the Internet, one … Continue reading

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